Susanne Rontu

SusanneSusanne began her journey into yoga after taking her first yoga class in 1997. Susanne fell in love with the practice, after realizing that she had been doing yoga without knowing it during her childhood. Her passion grew, and in 2005 she completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. Since then she has taken numerous courses including Kids Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, and Restorative Yoga. Susanne continues to develop her practice and instruction techniques, and just finished a three year, 800 hour Yoga Therapy Training, as well as Madhuri’s Ayurveda and Yoga Certificate.

Susanne believes that through yoga we begin to understand and feel a sense of contentment, and consequently we can understand and live in harmony inside ourselves and with others, naturally making an improvement on the world. Susanne’s passion is to share the positive effects yoga has had on her life in hopes of continuing this positive effect among others.

Yoga therapy empowers you in the healing process. We will work individually with what’s happening with you at the moment, to assist you in a unique way to support your healing process. In yoga therapy, the postures are adapted and allowing your specific needs to be met. During private yoga therapy sessions we will do gentle movements to re-pattern dysfunctional movements, alignment, breath and meditation practices.

Please feel free to contact Susanne at  or call 604-771-2720 to book your private session, or go to the website for more information.


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