Lindsay M. Todd

Lindsay Todd2 smRegistered Massage Therapist

With an extensive history in multiple sports, Lindsay has personal knowledge of sports related injuries, she has also taken the CAN FIT PRO personal training course with a passion for getting athletes back in the game

She also taken continuing education courses in post surgical breast care, which helps with the healing process after having breast surgery, whether it be mastectomy or augmentation, working with the scar tissue to help prevent adhesions around implants.

She also works on patients during and after a pregnancy to help the changing demands on the muscles to support the body, along with the sciatica and  discomfort throughout the body.

Lindsay also works on everyday stresses from long days at the computer (neck tension, carpal tunnel syndrome and headaches)  and sometimes just to relax from life.

With an outgoing personality, she looks forward to helping you getting back to the game of life with a little less tension.

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