Education Therapy

Educational therapy

We know that the brain is capable of change, regeneration and growth. Our programs support brain growth and change. Our brain-based learning and cognitive enhancement programs are specifically designed to fine-tune the brain's ability to comprehend and manage information, with amazing results.  Sometimes it takes more than a tutor to make lasting change.

We have programs for children and teens who are experiencing difficulty

* learning disabilities 
* attention deficit / hyperactivity 
* speech & language communication 
* memory & information processing 
* focusing & organization 
* spatial & bilateral organization 
* task management 
* motivation 
* autistic spectrum 

We offer the PACE (processing and cognitive enhancement) program for
students who are experiencing learning challenges and for individuals who
want to maintain or enhance their cognitive abilities. 

The Listening ProgramR is a clinically-proven approach to learning
difficulties that gently trains the auditory system to accurately process

When auditory perception is distorted-whether through illness, injury,
developmental or other challenges-auditory processing problems can lead to
academic, emotional, cognitive and social challenges, including problems
with the following: 

* Attention and concentration 
* Listening
* Speech and language
* Memory
* Communication
* Social skills
* Reading
* Sensory integration
* Self regulation
* Physical balance and coordination
* Vocal performance and musical ability 

Whether you are interested in improving brain health for longevity,
expanding your own abilities or helping someone you care about, The
Listening ProgramR can make a significant difference.

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