I can't put into words just how much Dr. Andrew Taylor has helped me with my lower back issues. I suffered for years!!! When my back would go out, at times I would have to spend up to one week laying down not being able to walk without assistance-Dr. Taylor had me walking the next day!!! Not only has he helped me out, but he has been invaluable to my husband and two younger daughters who are very active in sports and have had treatments from him. Any doctor who can perform accupuncture on an 11 year old girl with such efficiency and success certainly wins me over! He is one in a million!!!!

11 May, 2011

Lindsay Todd is a fantastic massage therapist . Regular sessions with Lindsay have kept me injury-free while training for & competing in a marathon & half ironman triathlon. She gives helpful advice & suggests relevant stretches. She is positive, supportive & has a tremendous sense of humor. I don't know what I'd do without her!
9 Sep, 2011
I have been going to see Lindsay Todd for many years regularly and all I can say is that Lindsay is the best therapist I have ever had. I will have my fourth child very soon and she has worked with me all through the years while I was pregnant with each of them . The staff in the office are all very professional in every way. Lindsay is definitely one of the best therapist in BC.
 26 Sep, 2011
Haven't felt this level of pain relief in years. A recent bad car accident really left me with a great deal of neck, shoulder, hips and back pain. I was taking T3s and muscle relaxants. My joints, muscles and ligaments were so tight and seized up, it was difficult to sleep and I had to stop all forms of physical activity. As a former elite athlete and current fitness competitor, not being active was depressing. I have sought treatments from doctors, phyiotherapist and chiropractors with little results. Dr. Andrew Taylor changed all of that in just a few treatment sessions. I've really noticed a significant difference in how I feel. My muscles don't feel as tight, my range of motion has increased dramatically. I starting doing cardio again. I don't feel as stiff. Dr. Taylor has helped to give me back the body that I trained for so many years and I am now back to being active again. I wish I had known him back when I was an elite collegiate athlete.
28 Mar, 2012
For me acupuncture was a last resort simply because I knew nothing about it. I had tried other treatments for years for my neck and back pain and nothing offered long term relief. It seemed that every couple of days I felt like I needed another treatment. The acupuncture sessions that I have had at Advanced Healing Arts have given me the long term pain relief that I have been looking for. I only wish I had discovered Advanced Healing Arts a long time ago!"

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